Stain Matching

For an exact stain match please visit any store that carries PPG COMMERICAL paint, will offer a stain match in thier computer system. For a close match to some of our stains please see a list of Minwax® products listed below.

Please note it is important to use the same speices when trying to match a color as each species absorbs stain differently.

Great Lakes Sample Name                Minwax® Wood Finish™

  1. Oak Carmel                                        Ipswich Pine
  2. Hickory Sundance                             Colonial Maple
  3. Oak Gunstock                                    Cherry
  4. Maple Boudreaux                              Red Mahogany
  5. Oak Saddle                                        Special Walnut
  6. Walnut Ebony Brown                         Ebony
  7. Oak Coco                                           Cherry